Music and Endurance Training
More and more people are running, cycling, swimming and working out. The number of people entering distance races, triathlons and other endurance events is increasing exponentially each year.
And what do most athletes use to assist them in their training (other than a trainer) - MUSIC!
The number of hardware offerings to help athletes listen to their favorite music has proliferated over the last few years, so that:

     Virtually everybody wears some type of MP3 or music player while they work out.

     Nike® has placed transmitters in their new running shoes, and teamed up with Apple® to allow you to chart and hear your
        workout while you are using your iPod®.

     Oakley® now has an MP3 player built right into its sports sunglasses.

     Finis® now has an underwater MP3 player built into its swim goggles.

Music is a HUGE part of training - and why not? What is more motivating and inspirational than a terrific song when you are exhausted and have to dig deep for the will to overcome and finish the race?
Trainers and athletes spend hours at home and on the internet trying to find that inspirational and motivating music. Even when they find it, it may not be to slow or too fast for their needed application.
How many trainers and athletes have the software and technical knowhow to take their favorite workout music and make workout setlists that they can use to train? And what about the time it takes? is here to do it for you - quickly and seamlessly.
Our system is the subject of a provisional patent filed in the United States Patent and Trademark office.
The Methodology® provides you with:

     The ability to put your songs into your workout for your sport
     Over 50 pre-designed workout templates to choose from
     Terrific WORKOUT SETLISTS in all music genres.
     The opportunity to have your own favorite songs sped up or slowed down to your training speed.
     Pre-made downloads and CD's for spinning, cardio workouts, indoor and outdoor training of all types -
        constant music with no breaks between songs!
     Opportunities to buy the MP3 players to go along with your music.

Our studies have shown interesting correlations between training speeds and music speeds for people of all ages and all sizes.
Click Here To See Speed Correlation Chart
As you can see from the chart:

     The speed of the music stays relatively constant at the same running speeds for men and women of similar ages.
     Music at 155 beats per minute is equivalent to an 8.5 minute mile; at 145 beats per minute to a 9.5 minute mile.
     To simulate running at a 7 minute mile and faster, the music would have to be so fast, it wouldn't sound right.
Enjoy your training and thanks for buying your training music from Techno Sweat is a division of Techno Sweat, one of the world's premier providers of workout and fitness music.
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